Statement Concerning Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Statement Concerning Coronavirus (Covid-19)

(This post was updated on 19-03-2020)

Voicescape, along with most UK businesses, is following the official UK Government guidance in relation to the global health emergency of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

While actively managing the situation for our customers and employees, our priorities are as follows:

  • Suspending company travel to non-essential activities;
  • Rescheduling all corporate events to later dates – to be announced;
  • Ceasing face-to-face meetings and adopting virtual meetings;
  • Encouraging colleagues to exercise caution and take all appropriate health and safety measures, in coordination with their managers;
  • As most of our service provision is cloud-based, our colleagues have gone to remote working.

Voicescape continues to monitor the situation and actively evaluate its response in line with UK Government guidance in order to maintain continuity of services for our customers. We are confident that our business model has in place the resilience to be able to handle the situation in the best interests of our employees, customers and stakeholders.

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