Voicescape Wellbeing

Monitor tenant wellbeing, automate daily welfare checks and empower operational teams with our sheltered housing scheme software.

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What is Voicescape Wellbeing?

Voicescape Wellbeing automates the process of calling sheltered accommodation residents to check in on their safety and wellbeing. Our service conducts daily check-in calls, freeing up significant time for officers to engage in other critical activities.

By not having to manually engage with every tenant, officers will have more time to focus on providing care to those who truly need it. This allows landlords to facilitate a resident-centric approach to wellbeing and put the needs of tenants first.

With Voicescape Wellbeing, you can provide a greater level of independence to those living in sheltered accommodation. Our technology allows officers to streamline daily welfare checks for tenants and cater to their preferences, meaning they no longer have to stay inside every day and wait for the call. But that isn’t all.

Here are just some of the other benefits of using Voicescape Wellbeing in your social housing association:

  • Free up officers from inefficient manual checks
  • Identify schemes and residents most in need of attendance
  • Facilitate the prioritisation and allocation of resources
  • Give residents more control over how and when they’re contacted
  • Maintain sustainable relationships with tenants
  • Record and store every interaction for audit purposes
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How South Tyneside Homes benefited

Voicescape Wellbeing has had a transformational impact within STH’s Housing Plus schemes; creating efficiencies for staff and generating capacity within the organisation to offer tailored support and greater independence to residents. The old method of calling residents one-by-one has been replaced with a much smarter triaged system where officers are made aware of any issues almost immediately.

Residents have expressed how easy and modern the service is and how they can have the service bespoke to their needs. The vulnerable tenants who are not suitable for a voicescape call and need to stay on the manual call now receive their contact so much quicker which is a massive improvement in monitoring their welfare.

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How It Works

Every day, our Wellbeing software makes a call directly to your residents at their preferred time, through their preferred method of contact. These calls allow them to either confirm that they’re safe or to request assistance. If they request assistance or fail to respond to the call, our system automatically raises an alarm to the relevant officer via email or SMS. This is then registered on the online portal.

Once implemented, Voicescape Wellbeing will allow you to:

  1. Significantly free up an officer’s time to engage in other critical activities
  2. Give residents control over when and how they’re contacted
  3. Quickly identify residents in need of personal assistance
  4. Better prioritise work
  5. Identify which schemes are most in need of attendance
  6. Monitor residents on weekends and bank holidays without additional resources
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