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Target specific geographies or groups of tenants

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Alerts, updates and event details are rarely relevant for everyone in your community. Some may be more important at certain times for certain people. If you don’t target tenants, there’s a risk of poor communication – sending information when it’ll have no impact, or failing to engage with specific groups when it’s needed the most.

You may be trying to resolve a location-specific issue. Or, the problem may be tied to financial or situational challenges. Either way, the type of tenant you’re messaging should have an influence on the message they receive. Only then can you be sure that communications are performing at their peak. 

Voicescape Inform segments your customers by location or demographic, allowing you to target tenants and ensure that alerts have a much greater impact. By communicating relevant information, your relationships won’t only be stronger but, tenants are more likely to come to you for support in the future. 

How targeting creates the best tenant engagement strategy 

Mass communication campaigns for tenants only work when you can address specific issues or knowledge gaps. Time and resources are limited, after all. And, concerns can become much worse if they aren’t dealt with quickly.

The faster you offer to help or provide assurances, the more likely people are going to stay long-term – helping to build more sustainable tenancies. Frequent communication also gives your tenants the opportunity to tell your team what’s important, and alert them to potential issues – such as rent arrears. 

Whether you inform tenants about specific local incidents – or point them to a beneficial assurance – the result is the same. Trust is reinforced and there’s less chance of complaints or missed payments.

Equally, your employees will have more successful conversations, because the people they’re speaking to will get in touch for a clear, relevant reason. This enhances your team’s engagement, and helps them see customers as individuals – not a group in which the same messages always count for everyone. 

How you might segment groups of tenants 

Voicescape Inform allows you to split and target tenants in many ways, linking them by shared variables. Our software sends SMS messages that clarify or explain what’s happening in their area or community, or give them advice on what to do next. 

Segmenting tenants via Inform allows for mass communication that’s never too broad or ill-directed. You get instant, automatic messaging with 100% relevancy for everyone on the system. And you can have as much involvement as you like. Simply leave it to the platform, or take control via the tenant’s self-service portal where you add the updates yourself. 

Here’s how you might segment customers and the purposes it may serve: 

  • Earning brackets such as those for young professionals, part-time workers and low-skilled jobs to give financial planning advice. 
  • Anyone on Universal Credit, housing benefits or other state support. You can inform these tenants about employment-related events. 
  • Different locations in which you operate. This can be useful when alerting your tenants about electrical, gas, water or internet work, as well as local authority advice. But it may also help to tailor messages for noise complaints, theft, repairs and refuse collection.
  • Accommodation in university towns around the UK. This will allow you to give tailored support to any students you take on. 

Additionally, segmentation can be based on previous behaviour – for example, whether some tenants are more likely to miss their rent deadline or allow arrears to build up. You can then step in quicker with resources or events to assist them. 

Case Study – Your Homes Newcastle 

In 2018, Your Homes Newcastle – managing close to 30,000 homes – changed their tenancy agreement from 50 weeks to 52 weeks. As a result, no weeks were classified as rent-free. Normally, these would overlap the Christmas season. The agency wanted to instil a ‘rent-first’ culture to ensure that payments weren’t missed – especially since funds would be tighter than usual. 

With Voicescape Inform, Your Homes Newcastle managed to divide tenants into high-risk profiles (mainly families and those who had previously fallen behind on payments). These customers were targeted straight away and had more time to save for the extra two weeks’ rent. 

Other groups may not have appreciated a message this early. But for high-risk tenants, it paid off. The agency reported an increase in payments compared to the previous year, and more positive contact from reaching out early. 

Stronger relationships lead to reliable payments 

To maximise your potential in the rental market, let tenants know what they can do – individually and collectively – to remain aware and secure. It adds a whole new layer of support in the landlord-tenant relationship. Even better, they can use your information to become more financially stable – avoiding arrears whilst acknowledging your guidance. You can even market the same dedication to prospective tenants and be confident in the fact that you’re able to deliver it. From there, Voicescape Inform lets you… 

  • Communicate information in seconds
  • Promote events, services and news

Looking to engage with your tenants via targeted communications? Drop us a message today. 

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