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Promote specific services, events or news

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Keep tenants in the loop and deepen your engagement…

Broadcasting information shouldn’t put a strain on your resources. Modern technology makes it easy to send the right message at the right time – and even confirm whether individuals have received it. This is crucial when you’re looking to communicate important news, provide updates on services, or promote events to tenants in the private rented sector.

Voicescape Inform improves communication between the landlord and tenant like never before. Our self-serve platform gives you the ability to instantly notify hundreds or thousands of people about what’s going on in their area – or your community.

Whether you’re responding to a crisis or want to promote events to tenants, we give you the tools to communicate quickly and effectively – while helping you to strengthen satisfaction and engagement.

Why should you update tenants?

In the private rental sector, you’re faced with a challenge: information saturation. A poster, email or flyer can become lost in the number of communications your tenants might receive on a daily basis.

A text message is much better, but resources are often tight. Your current system may not have the capabilities to send texts to thousands of people…

Voicescape Inform is the solution, providing an instant bulletin for your internal communications campaign. It sends an SMS to each tenant on the system, with information regarding the news, event or service you want to spotlight.

Keep tenants updated and everyone feels like active participants in their community. They can attend events, make suggestions and explore more services. Not only does it bring tenants and landlords closer but, over time, it’ll help tenants to make more informed choices – including how to solve arrears or knowing which steps to take to prevent it from happening in the first place.

By informing and educating whenever possible, you stay on the tenants’ side. Their satisfaction rises and they maintain your profitability. If communication is carried out quickly as well as refined for location or demographics – tenants are more likely to respect you and use every available service.

It can also increase employee engagement. Face-to-face events let your team speak and listen to those they’re serving, whilst notifying tenants automatically means you aren’t forced to repeat the same information over and over.

Send a clear message with Voicescape Inform

Inform can give people details on something they need to be aware of. This answers any questions, drives inbound calls away from your team and frees up time to focus on the service itself.

Equally, we’re able to give you a self-serve portal for tenants so you can take over and give real-time updates as they occur. Our software allows you to have as much control as you require.

As a result, communications become more visible, targeted and understandable – at no extra cost to you.

You may want to host community events throughout the year. Issues with repairs, furnishing, utilities, noise or rubbish collection can be raised and addressed. Alternatively, you may want to flag services that aren’t being used to their full extent, or highlight news that will affect your tenants. Some examples are:

  • Support for dealing with arrears
  • Construction or telecoms work nearby
  • Flood warnings
  • A change to waste or recycling schedules
  • Dates and times for communal service deliveries
  • Relevant public health or policy updates from the government
  • Your own bulletins, updates and invites can promote anything – to any number of customers.

Case study – Your Homes Newcastle

Pop-up events can shed light on services and welcome critical feedback. Your Homes Newcastle arranged for six of these across the month of October, at various locations around the city. They wanted to emphasise support for employment, safe living, financial inclusion and Ostara healthcare, amongst other tenant concerns.

With Voicescape Inform, Your Homes Newcastle sent precise event information to those who may gain the most benefit from each, split by location and demographic. Event attendance was higher than expected, and tenants were referred to other services that Your Homes Newcastle offers. Furthermore, they were able to build on that awareness, sending more details to those tenants who took an interest.

Educate and communicate for improved collections

Once you update tenants about what matters, they’re not only able to respond proactively – they’ll know where to get help from in the future including for support with rent arrears. Whether you’re trying to promote events to tenants or provide them with crucial information, you start to form relationships built on trust and awareness – which is crucial for more sustainable tenancies in the private rented sector. However, this is just one side of our Inform technology…

  • Communicate information in seconds
  • Improve targeting by groups or geography

Want to know how to improve communications between the landlord and tenant, and therefore build more sustainable tenancies? Get in touch today.

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