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Communicate information with speed

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With instant alerts and updates, you’ll earn trust and avoid issues building up…

Your customers always want convenience. Much of this relies on your ability to communicate with tenants quickly, with no delays or missed opportunities when it comes to critical updates. It’s the foundation of a good relationship – and, more sustainable tenancies. The faster you act, the easier you’ll address their concerns and the longer they’ll stay.

Without the latest technology, rapid messaging can stretch your team’s capabilities. But Voicescape Inform allows you to send bulletins, alerts and event information in seconds, to thousands of segmented customers.

It’ll transform how you communicate with tenants – with the precise support or news they’re looking for. And as engagement rises, so does your revenue.

Why does speed matter when communicating with tenants?

Whether you’re informing people about a service, an event or local news in their area they’ll appreciate knowing sooner rather than later. After all, they can change their schedule, habits or behaviour with plenty of warning.

Quick updates may also encourage them to ask for your support. The sooner you make someone aware that a service exists and can assist them in (for example) paying rent or finding employment, the likelier they are to explore such options. Rent payments, therefore, have a higher chance of coming in on time.

It can also be beneficial for property management issues. Everyone is aware of what’s happening – a repair, delivery or scheduled development doesn’t intrude on their lives – and more requests can be dealt with.

Equally, these messages should be tailored to the right audience. Segmenting tenants by demographic or geography ensures the information stays relevant, breaking any barriers to the solution they need. This can increase employee engagement as there will be fewer complaints or slow updates – especially for a maintenance request.

How Inform improves communication between landlord and tenant

With Voicescape Inform, you can distribute messages to each customer segment – at no extra cost to your organisation.

Contact details – in this case, mobile phone numbers – are uploaded into the Inform system. Then segmented lists are created based on location, arrears history, age, job status or anything else you want to use for targeted communications.

Our software will create and send the communications for you, automatically. Otherwise, there’s a self-serve feature in our Campaign Manager where you have complete control. Either way, tenants are sent an SMS with a relevant message, which can consist of the following:

  • A change to their rental contract or payment schedule.
  • Warnings about fire alarms, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour or damage to rental property.
  • Dates and arrival times for engineers, electricians and other service professionals.
  • Details for anything the tenant is legally required to do based on your own policies or those of government.
  • Reminders for support services they may be unaware of.
  • Information around events you’re hosting.

While an SMS may be as quick as an email, there’s no risk of it being lost in spam folders. Additionally, it’s far more reliable than a print bulletin or communal poster. In short, you can have complete confidence that your message will reach your tenant – regardless of whether their device is internet-ready.

As a result, landlords and tenants can communicate and follow up without any delay or misinformation.

Refine your landlord-tenant relationship

To be a truly successful landlord, it’s imperative to keep a hold on compliance and key details surrounding a tenancy. When you communicate with tenants regularly – and quickly – you have a much better chance of engaging with them, before problems occur. This is essential when it comes to rent arrears. After all, offering support and guidance to those in need is the golden rule for preventing payment issues. And speed is just one aspect to Voicescape Inform…

If you want to engage with your tenants quickly and effectively, get in touch with our team today.

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