Voicescape Inform
Helps social landlords
make the right call

Communicate information with speed

Sending alerts, reminders, or notifications to tenants is key to social landlords ensuring critical information gets to tenants with speed. Voicescape technology enables mass communications campaigns to reach large numbers of users instantly.

Getting local updates to the right people

Several of our customers use Voicescape technology to inform tenants about specific local incidents such as fly-tipping, or even notifications about the impact of floods.

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Target specific geographies or groups of tenants

Communicating messages that are relevant to customers is key to a successful communication campaign. Voicescape technology can be used to segment groups of tenants for highly targeted communications.

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Promote specific services, events or news

Broadcasting information can be an integral part of any communications plan. With Voicescape solutions, social landlords can reach thousands of customers with single clear message to promote relevant events to local areas, update tenants on communal service delivery or share local news.

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Engage Employees

Effective communication is known to increase employee engagement, boost team morale and drive focus around business objectives. Voicescape solutions can provide accurate objective visibility on an individual’s performance, which supports a focus on business objectives.  Voicescape technology has also been used to reach employees as part of an internal communications campaign.