Understand Tenant Preferences

Get a real benchmark for how tenants want to engage with you

The more you do for customers, the likelier they are to remain and become good tenants in your community. But how do you know that you’re delivering the right level of service in the right way unless you test tenant services and gather constant feedback?

Voicescape help landlords understand tenant preferences for transactional activities such as lettings and repairs. Our Feedback service provides real-time insights into tenant satisfaction that can help you monitor service levels and refine your processes so they have a beneficial impact on tenants.

And, the learning doesn’t stop here. If you frequently test tenant services, you’ll know how to keep your tenants happy. You’ll build more sustainable tenancies and increase the likelihood of them staying safe and sustainable.

Why do tenant preferences matter?

As a social housing landlord, you have a duty of care to ensure that the people in your community feel safe and are well-cared for. However, repairs, inspections, complaints handling and maintenance tasks might go very well or poorly depending on how and when they’re carried out. And, if tenants can’t share their opinions or don’t feel listened to, a number of problems can set in.

Feedback allows you to respond and adjust those services, helping to boost the tenant experience. Rental property inspections will be smoother. Repair work won’t be as intrusive. Complaints are dealt with more quickly, and anti-social behaviour reduces.

And, when you can show that care has been taken to nurture relationships, tenants feel like they are getting more value and will be more likely to pay rent on time. Your housing offer will be better – and you’ll have the results to prove it.

But how do you go about gathering this feedback? You don’t have the time to make hundreds of calls yourself, let alone send your team out to leave a survey in the letterbox. Too many social housing providers are lost for how to gain effective feedback without draining time and manpower.

That’s why we’ve built a better solution…

How to reach tenants effectively for true insight

Voicescape Feedback removes the need for slow, unresponsive feedback requests. With our technology platform, you can wave goodbye to postal surveys and manual calls, and instead welcome stronger tenant engagement through a digital approach.

It’s the first step to help you understand tenants. Following this, you can set realistic targets for new services and track the results over time. The Feedback tool lets you stay relevant to tenants both now, and in the future.

Our satisfaction surveys are conducted via an automated call using a pre-recorded list of questions meaning hundreds can be contacted at any moment. If we can’t get through, voicemails and SMS texts act as the follow-up.

This is how it works:

  1. The automated survey is sent to those you want to target, based on their existing contact details. Mobile numbers are preferred. We’ll even leave a number so that people can call back and take the survey at a more convenient time.
  2. If we make contact, the tenants answer each query with a 1 for ‘happy’ and 9 for ‘unhappy’ – so it’s almost impossible to press the wrong button. Alternatively, we’ll include any links for an online survey.
  3. Whenever they press 9, they’ll hear a recorded response or the option to call you directly to discuss the problem. Voicescape can give you an idea of the response time to keep SLAs in check.
  4. It really is as simple as that. Your tenant is given the opportunity to be heard and you’ll have a trail of evidence that can be used for an action list. It’s an easy way to gain opinions that aren’t time-consuming and difficult to retain.

Maintain sustainable relationships with tenants

Managing social housing carries many responsibilities. And almost everything – including a low risk of arrears – comes back to tenant satisfaction. But how can you ensure that your current tenants are happy? Test tenants services before modifying them. Only then can great, real-world results form a fresh focus for your team. Once done, discover the rest of Voicescape Feedback which enables you to:

  • Test new tenant services when they arrive
  • Set realistic targets within budget
  • Keep Track Of Your Performance

Don’t delay truly understanding your tenants. Establish engagement campaigns that really work and get in touch with Voicescape today.

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