Set Realistic Targets 

Educate and motivate your team with goals they can really reach…

Feedback is a critical part of making improvements to any social housing association and the services they offer. To ensure new processes can be tracked and maintained though, you need to set realistic targets.

Voicescape technology gathers precise tenant feedback, in real-time to support your team’s performance targets. Our Feedback tool gives you a basis for developing services and tenant support, via automated surveys for property management and social housing issues.

Set realistic targets and you’ll help both your team and tenants to feel empowered. If your team know where to focus their skills, they will be well on their way to meeting your goals. And if tenants are satisfied, they’ll remain more sustainable long-term.

Why set realistic targets for your organisation?

Services such as inspections, repairs and property improvements can always be better. But how often do you get feedback from tenants? Their opinion matters. After all, you can use it to adapt and refine what you offer.

Knowing which services are performing well means you can prioritise the areas that have the lowest satisfaction levels, and improve them by setting a realistic goal. Perhaps you’re able to transform a service entirely. Or maybe it’s easier to break changes up into achievable milestones so you don’t overstretch your resources.

But how do you get this data in the first place?

How to engage with tenants using Feedback

Voicescape Feedback helps you understand tenant preferences by sending automated surveys after transactions such as repairs and maintenance. We make it easy for them to grade the service they received – pressing 1 for ‘happy’ and 9 for ‘unhappy’. It’s fast, convenient on any scale, and can be done on a regular basis.

This simple system allows you to benchmark and monitor service levels over time. When customers indicate they are unhappy, you can also gather more specific information by requesting a callback, so you have actionable insights to work on. Here are a few models for benchmarking performance:

Cut down the time to resolve a dispute or anti-social issue. Measure how long it takes for your agents to become aware of the complaint, solve it, and follow up.

Test new services with a survey for first impressions. See if the scores pass 90% satisfaction, for example, from your respondents overall. Anything less may need improving.

Steadily raise the number of repairs you can make in a single day. Monitor whether repairmen arrive on time. Play with schedules until the dates, availability and preferred times all match up.

By continuously learning what tenants want – as well as when and how to communicate with tenants – you’ll stay relevant to them. They’ll be more inclined to trust you and be actively engaged with your work. Reasonable targets are the surest way to keep your team moving towards this goal.

Try tenant engagement software for yourself

A efficient, data-driven solution is just what you require to set realistic targets. Once in place, you’ll soon be making positive moves towards higher satisfaction and reducing the likelihood of payment issues. Discover the full abilities of our social housing feedback solution and:

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