Test New Services For Tenants 

Even totally fresh services should be analysed from the get-go…

The services your social housing association provides should result in your tenants being happy and feeling cared for. To ensure that these are as good as possible, you must continually test tenant services – and this is especially important when they’re new.

Technology is transforming how feedback from tenants can be collected, tracked and used to make your services better. Voicescape’s feedback platform is an easy way for you to get ahead of the game. We help landlords understand tenant preferences, giving you a rapid sense of whether new services are living up to their potential.

By building on previous feedback – and gathering fresh responses in a digital system – you’re able to test tenant services without wasting resources. As the service improves, it fosters more engagement. And when tenants are engaged, they’re more likely to remain sustainable long term.

Why is it important to understand tenants quickly?

Few services are perfect from day one. New security, social events, scheduled maintenance work and more run the risk of being inconvenient or ineffective. Unless you really know how they’re being received, you’ll keep pumping time and money into them without much benefit.

The initial problem you set out to solve is at risk of being exacerbated and tenants will soon look elsewhere. To truly determine the beneficial impact on tenants, you need to conduct a quick and simple tenant satisfaction survey.

When tenants know you’re listening to them, they feel as if they have a voice. They gain more trust and appreciation. This encourages better behaviour – for instance, avoiding falling into arrears . Meanwhile, you can use their suggestions as a guide, fine-tuning a service until it’s working well for everyone.

And it doesn’t stop there. Any changes you make aren’t guaranteed improvements – they need feedback as well. You can’t just go off previous insight for old services either. New services may have totally different measures of success to what you’ve done before.

Voicescape Feedback lets you find the relevant data without putting too much pressure on your team or your budget. It’s a simple solution to create and maintain sustainable relationships with tenants.

How automated surveys increase tenant satisfaction

Our Feedback tool sends an automated survey for tenants  you want to target in your contact list. Using a set of predetermined questions, they are asked to press 1 for ‘happy’ and 9 for ‘unhappy’. Alternatively, a link to an online questionnaire can be provided. 

For any ‘unhappy’ answers, they’re given the option to get in touch with you directly to discuss it further. These engagement points act as an audit trail and a means to resolving weaker aspects of the service swiftly, before they escalate. 

Regular satisfaction surveys help you to stay relevant to tenants by first understanding their preferences. You can then pave the way for a realistic target that changes how a new service is managed before tracking performance for further refinement.

Using the feedback provided, you may choose to make the following changes to services:

  • Picking a better time and date for on-site visits, so they’re less intrusive.
  • Resolving anti-social behaviour more quickly and efficiently.
  • Improving security measures so they fit with what the tenant expects.
  • Developing engagement campaigns for tenants – making them aware that a new service is available.

Case study – Onward Homes

It takes a lot of care and forward-thinking to manage 35,000 properties in the North West. So, in a bid to help their tenants, Onward Homes chose a new set of contractors for repairs work. But they had no idea if the decision was worthwhile.

Voicescape Feedback was able to collect opinions about the service in a matter of days. These repair satisfaction surveys gave a much clearer view of how effective the contractors were, and whether they should be kept on.

The response was almost immediate. Onward were delighted to see high satisfaction levels – not just with the repair service, but communication around it. The client knew the contractor was a good investment and future surveys can be used to ensure standards don’t slip.

Have confidence in your services

Want to know how to increase tenant satisfaction? It’s straightforward – do more with what you have. Test tenant services and act on that data. Your relationships will strengthen. People will really feel the benefits and look forward to other new services you roll out. And they may stay for longer as well as avoid ever going into arrears. With Voicescape Feedback, you’re also able to:

  • Understand tenant preferences for any type of engagement
  • Set realistic targets within budget
  • Keep Track Of Your Performance

Ensure that your services are really working and improve your tenant’s satisfaction. Get in touch today.

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