Keep Track Of Your Performance

See how your team’s improving, and determine which decisions are worthwhile…

As with any organisation, you have to be certain that your team’s efforts are paying off. After all, if you don’t keep track of performance, how do you know what’s going well or what to do next?

Tenant satisfaction surveys give you the data. It’s just a case of gathering this, without putting too much pressure on your resources. By tracking, adapting and improving, you’ll see a beneficial impact on tenants and your social housing association as a whole.

With our technology you can keep track of performance, collect data on any scale, and retain it for engagement campaigns for tenants. The result? You’ll feel more confident in your decisions and your tenants will feel listened to.

How performance tracking impacts social housing

There’s always room for improvement. But without regular feedback, your team will be making blind choices. Time and skills won’t be maximised. Equally important, you won’t know about the good things your team are doing. Tracking allows you to compare performance to the past, and determine how and why you’ve been able to progress.

Housing tenant satisfaction is the benchmark for your team because they should want to make tenants happy. Residents who feel safe, trusted and cared for are far more likely to pay rent on time. They might stay for longer too. If your staff show exceptional performance and gather amazing feedback, their jobs are more secure.

Tenants’ satisfaction data can also support your team managerial decisions, such as where the skills lie and where they can be deployed. Stats are hard to argue with. Therefore your leadership has more objective weight.

But a typical annual tenants survey isn’t enough. To stay on top of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, you need to constantly monitor performance. This is where Voicescape Feedback proves invaluable…


Improve performance with Voicescape

Feedback allows you to contact tenants at scale over a timeline that suits you, asking them to rate a recent service with button prompts. It’s instant, consistent and automatic. The dialed response – 1 for ‘happy, 9 for ‘unhappy’ – are sent straight to your system. And if we don’t get through, we’ll send a survey link via SMS.

You begin to understand tenants, which means you can set achievable goals for raising the survey score.

Then it’s a case of testing fresh approaches, tracking the impact of those changes, and linking actions back to their outcomes. Your staff will be able to see if they’re:

  • Booking repairs, visits and inspections that are convenient for everybody – including the tenant.
  • Resolving complaints to a satisfactory level.
  • Staying on-point with security concerns.
  • Feedback can also be used to test new services.

Our technology sends an automated survey for tenants just days after a service is launched. That way, you can iron out any problems swiftly.

Case study – Jigsaw Homes

The Jigsaw Group had no idea whether their repairs were hitting the mark. With several housing associations under their belt – and thousands of properties to check – they adopted Voicescape Feedback to send repair satisfaction surveys for tenants in their community.

Using Voicescape technology, Jigsaw confirmed that 91% of respondents were happy with the maintenance work that took place throughout 2018/19. Successes were praised. But, more importantly, the housing association gained rapid insight for their management team.

For the remaining 9% Jigsaw had a list of people to follow up with, clarifying what they could do better in the future. As a result, the Group could focus on the few remaining issues, forming genuine KPIs.

Let feedback from tenants guide you

Social housing teams must keep track of performance. Without this data, you won’t know what to refine – or how to refine it. When social housing associations take a smarter approach to their services, they’re taking steps to nurture the tenancy – lowering the risk of arrears. But that’s not all. Take on Voicescape Feedback and:

  • Understand tenant preferences for any type of engagement
  • Test new tenant services when they arrive
  • Set realistic targets within budget

Watch your performance start to climb and earn its rewards. Start the conversation with the Voicescape team today.

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