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Gain instant tenant feedback and make data-driven service improvements with automated satisfaction surveys.

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What is Voicescape Feedback?

Voicescape Feedback is our powerful solution to mapping and tracking tenant satisfaction. This configurable platform automates the feedback process to solicit more responses, more often, with reduced manual overhead. How? By sending surveys as soon as a transaction or process is complete, or on an ad hoc basis, allowing you to gain instant feedback from your tenants.

By using Voicescape Feedback, you’ll be able to gain a clear picture of how tenants truly feel about things like repair services delivered by contractors or planned maintenance, as well as non-transaction-based topics such as neighbourhood safety. This will enable you to make evidence-based decisions to ensure your services meet the needs of your tenants, both now and in the future.

With Voicescape Feedback, you no longer have to post traditional paper surveys to your tenants. Our technology allows social landlords like you to send automated surveys so that you can better understand customer preferences and ensure stronger engagement. But that isn’t all.

Here are some of the other benefits of using Voicescape Feedback in your social housing association:

  • Gain insightful data that can be used to set realistic targets
  • Make decisions that positively impact your tenants
  • Keep track of your performance
  • Test new services to ensure resources are appropriately utilised
  • Free up resources in your customer services team
  • Improve contractor accountability
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How Cambridge Housing Society benefited

Cambridge Housing Society approached Voicescape after struggling with low response rates for maintenance and repairs. See how our technology helped boost customer responses from 10% to 54%, allowing them to gain crucial insights to improve their services, as well as measure satisfaction and monitor contractor performance…

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How it works

To understand the customer experience and ultimately retain tenants, you need to actively engage them. Voicescape Feedback helps you do just that. Upon receipt of customer data, our automation platform sends outbound calls as interactive requests for feedback. These provide the option for customers to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction, give comments, or request contact from your organisation.

Once implemented, Voicescape Feedback will allow you to:

  1. Receive and process tenant contact data post-transaction
  2. Make outbound telephone calls to tenants to capture feedback on internal transactions, e.g. responsive repairs
  3. Facilitate tenants’ ability to provide real-time feedback within the call
  4. Provide an action list for dissatisfaction responses to be followed up
  5. Provide live customer satisfaction results
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