Voicescape Feedback
Help social landlords
get the lay of the land

Stay Relevant to your tenants

Social Landlords are driven by social purpose and a desire to ensure their services and activity are relevant to their tenants. Voicescape’s Feedback solution enables our clients to capture tenant views with speed and objectivity, which allows them to feed into broader campaigns and make evidence-based decisions.

Keep track of your performance

Tracking performance provides visibility over efforts against outcomes. It can strengthen team morale and provide managers and directors with clear information. Voicescape technology provides managers with the information to ensure the decisions they make have a directly beneficial impact on their tenants.

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Set realistic targets

Having meaningful and insightful data on how key areas of an organisation are performing helps managers to set realistic targets for future performance. Voicescape technology is used by our clients to provide information that informs strategic, tactical and operational target setting.

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Test new services for success

Changes in service delivery, or the launch of new services, require social landlords to monitor how they are received. Voicescape solutions support our clients to test new services or activity to ensure resources are utilised at the right time and in the right place.

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Understand your tenants preferences

Knowing and understanding tenants’ preferences ensures even stronger engagement. Voicescape manage research trials and run engagement campaigns that provide valuable information to help social landlords reach their tenants more effectively.

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