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Reduce no-access rates and remain compliant with our property maintenance management software.

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What is Voicescape Compliance?

Voicescape Compliance is designed to help social landlords and their compliance teams meet statutory property maintenance requirements. Our bespoke service automates the process of booking, confirming and rescheduling appointments with your tenants, preventing non-compliance as well as the cost of no-access visits.

With Voicescape Compliance, you’ll be able to ensure your tenants are informed of safety visits, such as annual gas and electrical installation safety checks, well before they happen. By getting it right the first time, you’ll build operational and cost efficiencies into your housing association.

Why do I need it?

Let’s face it: conducting manual outbound calls is both inefficient and resource-intensive. Contacting each of your tenants to book essential property maintenance and routine safety inspections requires considerable manpower. Voicescape Compliance makes it effortless. By completely automating these calls, you will reduce no-access visits and remain compliant. But that’s not all.

Here are just some of the other benefits of using Voicescape Compliance in your social housing association:

  • Decrease the likelihood of a tenant missing an appointment
  • Reduce the reliance on manual intervention to reschedule appointments
  • Remind tenants of their upcoming appointment date
  • Remove the cost of sending letters to book , confirm and reschedule missed appointments
  • Lower the cost-to-serve for compliance
  • Gain a valuable insight into and audit trail of each engagement attempt
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How it works

Voicescape Compliance recognises that some tenants are flexible and can accept a prescribed appointment while others would like a choice.

Once implemented, this highly configurable tenant engagement software automates calls to your customers, informing them of the date and time of their appointment. It then provides them with two options: confirm the appointment, or speak with an advisor to reschedule for a more suitable time.

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