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customer data

Targeting resource according to clearly identified customer and tenant segments enables social landlords to manage resources and tailor services to specific customer needs. Our approach creates an arrears risk profile based on analysis, existing payment patterns and escalation data.

Profile risk

Quantifying the impact of Universal Credit and identifying customers most at risk enables social landlords to clearly prioritise resources. We use a diagnostic and monitoring tool to profile the financial and social risk Universal Credit poses.


Understanding customers or tenants can help influence behaviour. Voicescape apply rigorous analytics alongside tenant engagement workshops to establish the key drivers in payment and arrears behaviour.

Predict behaviours and prescribe action

Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence are the future for all organisations. Voicescape are marrying leading-edge modelling techniques with our established technology to build tools that pre-empt customer behaviours and make evidence-based recommendations for how to influence them.

Measure what works

Rigorous evaluation of processes is central to evidence-based practice. Voicescape have designed, delivered and analysed over 30 randomised controlled trials (RCTs) over the last 3 years to help landlords understand what works, to what extent and with whom.