Voicescape Collections

Maximise tenant engagement and release your income team’s capacity with our automated rent collection software.

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What is Voicescape Collections?

Voicescape Collections is our unique solution designed to maximise tenant engagement and streamline rent collections. This bespoke system automates the thousands of tasks required to reach customers, eliminating the time spent on call preparation and dealing with abortive contacts. How? By changing costly and ineffective calling activity into productive inbound calls.

Because they’ll no longer have to spend valuable time chasing unanswered numbers, leaving voicemail messages and calling invalid numbers, your officers will have the capacity to focus on having more engaged conversations that drive positive outcomes. This encourages tenants who have opted to speak about their arrears to pay on time, creating outcomes that are more sustainable for both the tenant and for the organisation.

With Voicescape Collections, you can say goodbye to time-intensive, unproductive outbound calling. Our technology helps social landlords like you drive operational efficiencies so that you can make early interventions and collect with care without having to increase your headcount. But that isn’t all.

Here are just some of the other benefits of using Voicescape Collections:

  • Have more meaningful interactions resulting in higher conversions and collections
  • Engage more of your caseload with the same or even less resources
  • Tailor your services to specific customer needs
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Measure what works best
  • Better understand your customers
  • Deploy seasonal and tactical campaigns to targeted groups
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How Your Homes Newcastle benefited

Your Homes Newcastle turned to Voicescape to look for inefficiencies in staff time so that they could be better deployed to support tenants. See how our technology freed up 5 FTE (Full-Time Equivalents), allowing the team to focus on helping customers understand their payment responsibilities…


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How it works

Voicescape Collections is a powerful and configurable solution that’s capable of addressing various engagement types simultaneously. Upon receipt of customer data, our automated platform sends an outbound call directly to tenants. This allows your customers to speak direct with an officer all with a single press of a button.

Once implemented, Voicescape Collections will:

  1. Automate outbound engagement to tenants who require contact
  2. Facilitate engagement with customers by providing conversation options
  3. Transfer live calls into your team to facilitate productive conversations about paying rent
  4. Automate the numerous tasks required to achieve contact including voicemails and SMS texts
  5. Receive live results of calling activity in your dashboard
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