Gas Safety Compliance: A COVID19 Response

Since the first UK cases of coronavirus (COVID19) emerged in late February 2020, the social housing sector has had to find new ways to cope. In some cases housing associations and local authorities have refocussed on frontline services in order to meet increased demands from tenants.

The rapidity of the outbreak has caused numerous services, which were taken for granted, to be put under immense strain almost overnight. Essential repairs have been particularly hard hit, with staff being furloughed and tenants asked to be patient while organisations readjust to disruptions happening across functions.

Despite the challenges, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has insisted that social landlords’ duty of care still applies, and essential gas and electrical safety checks must go ahead where it is possible and safe to do so. In circumstances where it is not safe to carry out safety checks, for example, where a member of a household is displaying COVID19 symptoms, the landlord must demonstrate that efforts have been made to communicate with the tenant and reschedule the appointment.

This adds pressure on landlords to keep staff and tenants safe and informed, and demonstrate that they have considered all reasonable steps to stay compliant with their duties.

Voicescape Compliance – Relieving The Pressure

Voicescape Compliance is designed to help social landlord compliance teams meet their statutory obligations around property maintenance, by utilising digital technology. By automating the appointment booking, confirmation and re-booking tasks, and keeping a precise audit trail, Voicescape Compliance can free up capacity within the existing resources to help cope with the inevitable loss of productivity in other service areas.

Implementing Voicescape Compliance

The Covid19 crisis has shown the need for very agile and flexible planning and ways of working that relieve strain on organisations where possible. Voicescape is proud to be providing its customers with its ‘low-touch’ solutions that avoid creating work and disruption for IT departments, which is especially important during the crisis. The set-up of Voicescape Compliance is straightforward, and if you already have Voicescape Collections service (also known as Call to Collect), your teams will already be familiar with our set-up process. All that is required is a data extract in a CSV file, your agreement on scripts (we will advise you on best practice) and your team’s contact number through which to route calls . The rest is managed via our dedicated customer onboarding team.

To learn more about using Voicescape Compliance in your organisation, contact us today.