Your Homes Newcastle collection rates soar

At the start of Universal Credit (UC), Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) identified that 34% of customers would be newly responsible for paying housing costs directly.  The projected estimate for full roll out was 80%, which would dramatically increase the resource demand on the income team. YHN therefore turned to Voicescape to look for inefficiencies in wasted staff time so they would be in the best possible position to support tenants. Voicescape technology freed up the equivalent of five full time (FTE), therefore enabling the team to focus their attention on supporting tenants to understand how welfare reform would affect them and their new payment responsibilities. This has helped YHN achieve an end of year collection rate of 100.59% for all Universal Credit claimants.

Connecting to Success

Using Voicescape technology, YHN Income Collection Officers were connected to 20,511 tenants that had been identified as at risk. Proactively reaching out in the early stages was warmly received by the majority of their tenants. Christopher Todd, Senior Manager, Income Advice and Collections, Your Homes Newcastle puts it simply “Using Voicescape service has allowed Your Homes Newcastle to move away from the norm of Income Collection and try new ways to help support our customers in an ever-changing environment.”

Features of the Voicescape technology that Your Homes Newcastle love are..

  • A visually appealing live dashboard. Voicescape technology system collects customer data with each call which users can navigate with ease and find what they are looking for in seconds.
  • Established deployment and training process. The Voicescape team delivered training to clients to enable them to set up and use the system whenever it is required
  • Self-Serve System: Voicescape technology enables users to turn the system on and off, schedule usage and configure transfer routing. The number of calls made can flex depending on how many operators.
  • Ease of integration. Voicescape technology works well with all housing management applications
  • High capacity for irregular or unforeseen demand.
  • Measurable output.  Voicescape technology provides measurable output and impact analysis for managers to track success.